Specialised in authentic Russian Volume technique.



Bookings, Cancellation, Rescheduling and Missed appointments.


Is required at least 48 hours prior to treatment. Within 24 hours or a NO SHOW, 100% of the treatment cost will be taken. This policy is set as I would not be able to refill the canceled slot in under 48 hours. This rule also applies if you do not show up to your appointment or are running significantly late ( more than 20mins ) If you change your booking before 48hrs of the appointment your deposit will just be transferred to your next appointment.


When booking infills please ensure that you have at least 50% of lashes left on, any appointments after 3 weeks ( 21 days ) will need to be booked as a full set appointment.  During your infill appointment, up to 20% of your existing extensions will be removed. This is because your extensions grow away from the root of your natural lashes they start to look messy. This takes time and impacts the density.

— NEW CUSTOMERS that have existing eyelash extensions at the time of their appointment will need to book removal. If you attend your appointment with existing eyelash extensions we will add a removal service (£30 fee) to the appointment ONLY if there is sufficient time for the treatment, otherwise, your appointment will be canceled.


You have to wash your lashes and eyelid regularly ( on a daily basis ), even if you don’t wear makeup. If you don’t follow the correct aftercare advice dead skin cells and residues will lead to a buildup on the upper waterline, this will block any new lash growth and will cause premature shedding. If you arrive with makeup on or with dirty lashes you will be asked to wash your lashes before we can start the appointment, if they are too dirty and you are unable to clean them properly I will have to remove them and apply a new set as the extensions will not stick to dirty lashes. Professional Lash Shampoo is available to purchase after your appointment.


Due to the nature of the service I provide, I kindly request that you do not bring company to your appointment. The presence of other people during the procedure is strictly prohibited for safety reasons.

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