Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are bolder, single extensions applied one to one, so each one of your natural lashes will receive one Classic extension. It is said that most people have anywhere from 90-120 lashes per eye. This means with Classic you will receive just as many extensions as you have natural lashes. If you have 90 naturals, you will have 90 extensions. 120, you will have 120. Something you will want to consider when deciding on the look you'd like to achieve. They range from .10 to .18 in diameter, and are chosen for you depending on the thickness of your own natural lash, meaning the amount of additional weight yours can handle, as well as the look that is desired. They come in various curls and lengths as well, in order to be completely customized. This technique will result in a natural look, one similar to normal eyelashes, only perfect! Curled, lifted, longer and black!