This is a 2-day foundational class for beginners which provides students with the knowledge and hands-on training required to kick-start their career as professional lash artists. In this course, students will learn proper fundamental lashing techniques upon which all future education will be based. The full price for this class is £699. To reserve your seat, a deposit of £300 is required. An invoice with the balance will be sent to you once you enroll. The balance will be due 2 weeks before the class. For payment plans please click here.

DAY 1: Theory & Practice  10:00 - 16:00

DAY 2: Exam & Live Model  10:00 - 16:00

The topics that will be covered include:


- Purpose of the natural lashes.

- The lash cycle.

- Contra-indications.



- Different tools used and proper handling.

- Different eyelash products.

- Different eyelashes (curves, thicknesses and lengths)



- Patch tests and client consultation.

- Workstation preparation.

- How to work with different eye shapes.

- Selecting the right type of lash set and size.

- Analising the natural lashes.



- Understanding and handling different lashes.

- Correct lash preparation to achieve the

best retention possible.

- Isolation and taping techniques.

- Different attachment points.

- How to build a healthy and long lasting set.

- How to avoid stickies and damage.

- Adhesive 101. How to make the adhesive work for you.

- Removing eyelashes.

- Eyelash Care.