If you are already a qualified lash artist and you are looking to take your lash game to the next level then a mentoring class could be just what you need. These sessions are designed to develop specific skill and could include any modules that you particularly feel need improving, such as mapping, coverage, direction, perfect fans, adhesive usage and many more. It is less structured than a full course and the content is very much based on what you as an individual would like to work on. 

In this rapidly growing industry there is ALWAYS something new to learn and if you have taken a short day course it can be a lot to take in all at once, especially if you don’t receive a lot of aftercare or support. Each session is bespoke to the learner so you receive relevant help and advice.  All the equipment and products that you need for this session will be provided for use on the day (recommended that you bring your own tweezers). 

Mentoring is charged per hour, the more hours the more information we can cover. I recommend always 4 hour mentoring sessions 2 hours for theory and 2 hours for practical. Choose from the following options:

You will receive a certificate of attendance and as always my on going help & support. If you wish to book your mentoring session click here or if you have further questions, please email us info@sinlash.com

Please note that I will need a list of topics that you would like to cover during your mentoring session in order to customise the workshop for your needs.

Please submit your topics not later than 1 week before your mentoring session.

2 hours £130.00 


3 hours £200.00 


4 hours £270.00 

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