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Digital Client intake

Ditch the paper and upgrade your record system to our digital client record notebook! Keep all your clients’ details in one tidy, organised place with no need to rifle through pages of paper and make messy crossings out when records need updating. If a client’s details do need changing, or you need to check their information, our digital client record notebook’s easy-use tabs and hyperlinks make the process simple and speedy. This client book will make your life so much easier! When you tap on the tabs ( the letters on the right side of the main pages such as A,B,C,D, etc ), it’ll automatically take you to the page you want, no need for scrolling through pages. You can capture all of the important details and information of your regular clients in one place such as ↴ -Medical Info ( allergies, medication, emergency contact ) -Natural Lash ( health, coverage, length ) Infills ( retention, appointment length, frequency ) -Lash Mapping ( curl, diameter, length, style ) -Corrections ( if needed ) -Draw the map you have created for your client. -Any additional information or notes. -You can add before and after pictures and even draw on them.

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