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How to raise your prices as a lash artist?

Updated: Sep 2

Raising your prices as a lash artist can be a difficult decision, but it's an important step to take if you want to grow your business and increase your income. Here are a few tips to help you raise your prices:

how to raise your prices as a lash artist

Communicate the value of your services: Before you raise your prices, make sure your clients understand the value of your services. Explain to them the reasons why you're raising your prices, such as the cost of materials, the time and skill required for each appointment, and the ongoing education and training you invest in to stay current with the latest techniques. The more you know the more you will earn!

  • Offer package deals: Offering package deals is a great way to raise your prices without turning clients away. For example, you can offer a package of 3 full sets of lashes for a discounted price, or a package of 6 touch-ups for a slightly higher price. This way, clients can still get the services they need at a lower cost, while you are able to increase your income. how to raise your prices as a lash artist

  • Introduce new services: If you're looking to raise your prices, consider introducing new services to your business. For example, you could offer volume lashes, which are thicker and fuller than traditional classic lashes. This can be a great way to attract new clients and increase your income.

  • Be honest and transparent: When raising your prices, it's important to be honest and transparent with your clients. Let them know ahead of time that your prices are going up and explain the reasons why. This will help them understand and accept the changes.

  • Evaluate and adjust: Once you've raised your prices, evaluate how it's impacting your business. If you're losing clients, consider adjusting your prices to something that's more reasonable. But, if you're still in demand and finding that your clients are happy to pay more, then you have successfully been able to raise your prices.

Remember, raising your prices is a natural part of growing your business and increasing your income. By communicating the value of your services, offering package deals, introducing new services, being honest and transparent, and evaluating and adjusting your prices, you'll be able to raise your prices without losing clients.

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