Importance of correct eyelash preparation

Poor natural lash preparation -> Extensions wonโ€™t stick properly -> Bad retention -> Unhappily client -> You losing out on income ๐Ÿ˜ข

Imagine you have a client in for a full set of lashes. She comes in with no makeup on #bestclientever you have had your consultation and personalised a style for her, applied the eyepatches and ready to lash.

And because she came in with no makeup on, you are already assuming her natural lashes are clean.. but are they really ๐Ÿค” Just because you canโ€™t see it with your bare eyes, there could be dust, debrie, oil and any sort of tiny residues on the natural lashes. But because they looked clean you decided to skip the preparation part and jump straight onto the application.

You have just spent hours on the perfect set, your client is absolutely loving her new fluffy lashes, you are both extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome..sounds good right !? BUT a few days after the appointment you receive a message from this client that she has lost a lot of lashes and she doesn't understand why ๐Ÿคฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Adhesive loves a good clean lash to grab onto. Any residues or debris on the natural lash creates a barrier between the lash adhesive and the natural lash, which will of course result in a weak bond. Every time you do eyelash extensions, whether you are applying a full set or just infills, you should make sure the lashes have been properly cleansed and prepared prior to application. LASH PREPARATION IS A MUST! No matter how clean the natural lashes look, you have to either wash them with a special lash shampoo or use cleanser & primer. I prefer to use the second option.


Cleanser helps to prep the natural lash before the application of extensions. Because its mainly alcohol based, it helps removing any traces of makeup, dust and natural oils from the lashes!

Apply a drop of cleanser onto a microfibre brush and with the help of a wooden spatula ( waxing stick ) gently rub the cleanser over the lashes.


Primer is specifically formulated to prepare and moisturise the surface of the natural eye lash. It provides an optimal PH level which encourages the bond between the natural lash and lash extension. It open up the cuticle layer, and this will help the glue to adhere to the natural lash better.

Better bond between the natural lash and extension -> Better retention -> Happy client

Porous eyelashes absorbes the adhesive better, which provides a stronger bond with the extension. If the eyelash flakes tightly fit together, then the glue is having a more difficult time to penetrate the structure of the natural lash and the extensions won't stay on as long as they should.

I personally use and recommend these two products :

Nourishing & Purifying Coconut Cleanser & Prime from London Lash Pro, the perfect pre treatment duo.

Of course these are only MY personal preferences. Ultimately the goal is to deliver the best service & retention possible, and that requires using the best products.ย Give these a try to see if any of them work for you and your clients. Iโ€™m confident that they will!

I hope this post has helped you to understand lash preparation and why itโ€™s so important. Remember clean lashes are happy lashes!

Thank you for reading.

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