Safe eyelash extension REMOVAL

Whether you are removing lash extensions due to an allergy, a poorly applied set, or the client is just ready for a break; there are several ways to remove the extensions correctly. Knowing how and when to correctly remove them is an important skill for every lash artist.

If the client is doing a full removal, say from a set they got from another technician, make sure to use new gel- pads and tape if you are going to apply a new full set. This ensures that any of that potent remover stays off of the lashes and keeps your retention strong.

When you are doing a full removal, apply the gel/cream at the base of the lashes carefully avoiding the skin, as it can be irritating to your client. Wait a few moments while the gel/cream removal breaks down the adhesive qualities in the glue ( different brand has different removals, but the average time is around 15-30 minutes ) and then try to brush the extensions off the natural lash using a lash wand. Poorly applied sets can take much more time and patience to remove, especially if excessive adhesive was used.  Sometimes it takes a few swipes but most of them should slide off with ease. Alternatively you can try to use your tweezer an gently pull the extensions off, so they slide off of the natural lashes. If you have to pull or tug hard, you either did not apply enough remover, or you did not let the remover sit long enough. 

Always be extremely careful when during this process and make sure you are gentle, so you don’t prematurely pull out any natural lashes. If for any reason you get remover in your client’s eye, you should immediately flush the eye with eyewash or saline solution. 

Finish by thoroughly cleansing your client’s lashes to remove all traces of the remover. 💦

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