The ideal lash fan ๐Ÿค“

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Creating uneven fans can be very uncomfortable for your client and can easily ruin your reputation. First of all you will need good quality lashes and a professional tweezer!๐Ÿง But lucky for you weโ€™ve created the ultimate fan maker to make your life easier. This new tweezer is featuring a laser cutย โ€œFan Rulerโ€ with 1mm increments that areย designed for creating perfect, consistent, symmetrical fans.ย 

When making a fan always pay attention to every micro movement you do. The pressure you are applying, the angle you are holding the tweezer and picking up the fan. If you get it right first you can save a lot of time during application. I would recommend to spend an extra few seconds on making it right the first time, instead of rushing the who fan making process. If you apply the lashes incorrectly, you are going to have to remove them and re make & apply every one of them.

How wide or narrow we make our fans completely depends on the look we are trying to achieve. The narrower we make our fans the denser our set will look and the wider we make our fans the fluffier our lash sets will look. Most people like to work around the medium width. The more lashes in fan you have, the bigger the opening of it should be, but less than 5mm between 2 side lashes (in case of 2D fan it should be less than 3mm). If fans are too opened, then the direction start ruining and lashes become messy, even if you do everything exactly as in lashmap.

Hope this little picture I put together will help you visualise the difference between

narrow - medium - wide fans ๐Ÿค“

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