What is an irritation ?

An irritation or chemical burn can mirror many of the same symptoms of an allergy. Irritations usually stem from the fumes given off by the adhesive as it solidifies or dries. Individual gas molecules of cyanoacrylate leave the adhesive and can cause red puffy eyes and make the sclera (the white part of your eye) red and itchy. The difference is that irritations usually don’t last longer than 24 hours and should get significantly better as time passes.

Red Eyes - How to Avoid Irritation

All eyelash glues are irritants and if vapours come into contact with your client's eyes, it stings. While this irritation is usually minor and passes quickly, it's worth taking extra care to avoid discomfort and reduce the risk of your client going on to become sensitised.

Make sure your clients eyes are closed during the application!

When you tape your client's lower lashes, take care not to put the tape too high. Check that the eyelid is fully closed, if not; reapply the tape. The same applies to under eye patches, don't place them so high that they stop the eyelid from closing. If they don't fit nicely, cut them a  few times at right angles to the back edge so that they conform fully to the eye. Take your time to get this part right.

Its really important that your clients eyes stay completely closed during the treatment to avoid any sort of discomfort or eye irritation! I like to tape the lashes back during application and lift the eyelid up slightly, especially in the corners to make sure that I lash every single natural lash, and sometimes when you stretch the eyelid too much you can open your clients eyes. Even if it’s just a few millimetres, the fumes from the glue will irritate the eye. Always use a mirror to double check that everything is the way it should be.. so you can provide a save and comfortable treatment 🤍

Hope this post was helpful ☺️

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