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This manual and its content has been developed and designed by Cintia David, and the techniques that she shares are there to assist only. The manual was designed for student with no previous experience at all in this industry and for those who took a foundation training elsewhere but feel like they didn't learn enough and still have a lot of questions. This manual is NOT designed for others to use in their own courses as a training manual guide.




  • Lash anatomy

    - Purpose of the natural lashes.

    - The lash cycle.

    - Contra-indications.

  • Introduction to :

    - Different tools used and proper handling.

    - Different eyelash products.

    - Different eyelashes (curves, thicknesses and length)

  • Preparation

    -Patch tests and client consultation.

    - Workstation preparation.

    - How to work with different eye shapes.

    - Selecting the right type of lash set and size.

    - Analising the natural lashes.

  • Application Techniques

    - Understanding and handling different lashes.

    - Correct lash preparation to achieve the best retention possible.

    - Isolation and taping techniques.

    - Different attachment points.

    - How to build a healthy and long lasting set.

    - How to avoid stickies and damage.

    - Adhesive 101. How to make the adhesive work for you.

    - Removing eyelashes.

    - Eyelash Care.

  • Lash Mappings 101

    - Learn how to draw and when to use the 3 most common lash styles:

      Cat eye, Doll and Squirrel

    - Introduction to corrective lashing.

    - Introduction to layering and achieving different effects.

  • Irritations, Infections & Allergies 

    - What are the differences.

    - How to spot and avoid an eye irritation.

    - How to protect yourself from the glue fumes.


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Classic Lash Manual



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