This book is for personal use only!

Our manual are designed to use during a 1 day training course and are therefore not dragged out or written in a storytelling manual. All of the information provided is accurate on an international level and straight to the point.
The manual was designed for student with no previous experience at all in this industry and for those who took a foundation training elsewhere but feel like they didn't learn enough and still have a lot of questions.
- Lash anatomy
- Client Consultation
- Pre sanitation
- Everything about infills
- Classic lash types
- Step by step application
- How to prepare the natural lashes to achieve a greate retention
- Attachment point for dfferent curls
- Stickies
- Eye patches and Tapes
- How to strech the eyelid and lift different sections up / Taping back technique
- Learn how to lash mapping
- Layers
- Directions
- Allergies, Infections & Irritations
- Patch testing
- Lash removal
- Everything about the lash adhesive
- Aftercare advices
Student Practice sheets can be added to the the manual. These sheets were designed for for students to practice lash application techniques as well as to learn different mappings.

Classic Lash Manual

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