Properly positioning each lash map to the client’s eye and brow shape can make all the difference. We want each and every lash client to feel the look they received has been customized to only them.


Each mapping you decide to use on your client needs to be bespoke and placed in the correct position so the eye and face can be accentuated properly. 



 5 png Files to perfect your lash mapping skills.


Practice what works best for the most common eyeshapes.

Small eyes, Big eyes, Almond eyes, Protruding eyes, Wide set of eyes, Close set of eyes, and Narrow eyes, Up and Down turning eyes )


*Recommended app not included, see below.



• iPad

• Apple Pencil

• Adobe Illustrator Draw ( Free ) / GoodNotes5 ( £7.99 ) / Procreate ( £9.99 )



You can use these files with any of the apps we've listed above. Simply download the file to your iPad and open it with the chosen app and start praction them. Or if you want, print it out for your students for training purposes to show how to style each eye-shape.




Online Lash MapPractice

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