Russian Volume

Volume lashes are handmade fans made up of ultra fine extensions. The weight of each extension within a fan ranges from .03-.07 in diameter. Therefore, one Volume fan made up of multiple finer extensions can weigh the same, if not less, than one single Classic extension. This technique was developed in Russia, which is why it is referred to as Russian Volume. In order to skillfully execute the creation of a Volume Fan with the tweezer, it takes much dedication, practice and continued education. Just the same as Classic extensions, Volume extensions come in various curls, lengths and diameters. Each fan will be created according to each one of your natural lashes, what is best for their integrity, as well as the desired outcome. Classic lashes are round, placed atop of your round natural lash, which doesn't provide as much of a connection point as a Volume fan, which will wrap around your natural lash since there are multiple extensions within them. Imagine that there are extensions completely encompassing your natural lash for the strongest hold, whereas Classic is just sitting on top. This is why Volume should last longer than Classic. Volume can be made with anywhere from 2-7 extensions per fan. This is why they can provide the ultimate density as their width results in full coverage of your lash line, regardless of how sparse you may be naturally. They can also be made to look very soft and whispy, without so much fullness. It depends on your style and how many lashes you have naturally. Either way, Volume extensions offer the utmost fluffiness!