Our Story


Who We Are.

Cintia David is the Founder of SINLASH. Do it your self Lashtrepreneur, Award-winning Lash Master and Educator, Lash industry Designer and Creator. Having studied and closely worked together with some of the industry's best Cintia is focused on streamlining the transition and the process of becoming a successful lash artist.

How We Started.

Cintia has created SINLASH Ltd. in 2017 when her journey as a lash artist was but a few months old with a vision of creating a brand that embodies its top 3 values - quality | time | money-generating successful business, well being and wealth not just for herself but to anyone with a strong desire.

What We Do.

Designed her courses and products in a straightforward fashion with memories of a difficult start, endless grinding, feeling of confusion and uncertainty beginning as a lash artist inspired her to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for newly aspiring lash artists. As a do it your self Lashtrepreneur Cintia understood the wide variety and versatility of skills required to create a successful business out of her passion fabricating a unique value in her path as an educator.