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If you want to get ahead in the lash industry in 2024 read this↓

stop consuming & start creating

• stop mindlessly consuming content & scrolling on social media! you don't need another inspirational video.. if you feel overwhelmed sit down, quiet your mind & write down your ideas & journey. • start creating art, content, products, courses! start with what you have now trust me it’s enough! if an idea is keep coming back to your mind, write it down, create a plan & execute it! • learn new things & implement them! the knowledge you have only useful if you put it in action. • stop keeping yourself busy, prioritise & focus on the task that matters & will move your business forward. Outsource what you can & look for solutions that can save you time. • learn from people who have what you want! if there is someone who already done it go and learn from them, figuring it out on your own will take you 10x longer.. • stop buying stupid & unnecessary things, you don’t need that new “magic lash liquid” or another box of lashes that you know you won't use..spend your money on necessary things. It’s really as simply an straightforward as this.

Enjoy creating 🤍

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